Monday, July 16, 2012

New Blog

I was just going to add onto my current blog but Jordan wanted to start a new one of us together even though he probably wont ever post in it ever. Oh well. I wont be posting in this one anymore though. So if you would like to continue following me, and I sure hope that you do! Hope to see you there <3

Friday, June 1, 2012

Taylor Andrews Hair Show

My friend Kara that goes to school at taylor andrews hair academy was doing a hair show and I was one of her models. They were assigned to do Wicked and I was to be the Tin Man. It took all day long to do and it was crazy long and a lot of waiting. But it was a fun experience, one that i probably wont be participating in again because it was a 14 hour day with paint all over me and a heavy hair piece pinned on my head all day long. Anyways here are the pictures. I don't think that grey is really my color but the finished product was fantastic.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The beginning of forever.. :)

Early in the first week of April Jordan asked me if I wanted to go on a hike Saturday when I got off work, since it was starting to finally warm up in Utah. I didn't think much of it them because he does a lot of outdoor stuff and I just figured this was he first to many outings. So Saturday rolls around and I get off work a little early and call Jordan. He says to be ready at 530 so I have about an hours and I tell him that I am going to shower. He politely suggests that I wash my hair because I had not since Thursday. I agree but when I get into the bathroom and look at it in the mirror I think that it looks great for going on a hike and if I don't wash it then I can paint my nails :)
So Jordan picks me up and we go to Battle Creek falls in Pleasant Grove. Its not a very long hike, about half a mile. The trail goes up to the top of the fall and there was a trail that branched off that took you to the bottom of it. We went to the bottom. It was really pretty and there was tree that had fallen across the creek so I decided that I wanted to go sit on it. After Jordan put his camelback down he came and sat next to me and I thought to myself that maybe he was going to propose here.
He had told me that it was going to take another month to make my ring because he was getting it custom made but being a girl the thought crossed my mind that maybe he was lying to throw me off.
He did not propose on the tree though. So I crossed the tree and went to the bottom of the fall. There was a really big icicle because it had snowed the day before and I wanted Jordan to knock it down. After many tries he finally accomplished his task and we crossed the stream back to the other side to go to the top. We were only up there for a few minutes. What I didn't know was that Jordan was trying to decide if he wanted to do it at the top or the bottom. He chose the bottom. As we came to the fork that took you to the bottom again, I asked him if he wanted me to wait there while he went to get his backpack and he said "We're not leaving yet, I brought snacks" ha ha So We go back down and he gets granola bars out and some fruit snacks and I go sit a little ways away because the mist from the water was getting really cold. Jordan came and sat by me. At that point there was another couple that was down there also. And Jordan had left his backpack a ways from us so I asked him why and He said that he liked it against that rock which I thought was strange. Remember a small part of me is still thinking that maybe he has the ring and is going to propose. So we finish our snacks and he suggests that we go to take a few pictures. So we go over there and we take a few and none of them look good at all. While he starts to put his phone into his bag I try to walk around him and while I do that he rotates just slightly so his backpack in not in my view. Then Jordan grabbed me and just held me for a minute.
I can feel his heart pounding out of his chest so I mention that to him and He says that its because he is out of shape. I laugh and say that that makes me feel better because I was out of breath for most of the hike... not because it was long but because it was all up hill. and then he goes quiet for a minute and so I asked "What are you thinking about?" Jordan looked away and said "marrying you" At that point I figure that he could definitely be planning on proposing. So I ask him "like what part of is specifically?" and he just says all of it and that he loves me so much and I make him so happy stuff like that that I don't remember all too well. AND THEN he says "okay lets go" So I turn to leave, deciding that he is not going to do it and before I walk 2 step he says "oh wait one more thing" and I turn and he is down on 1 knee with the open ring box in his hand. And he says "You make me so happy, Cristal will you marry me?" and I am just kinda giggling, laughing, shocked, with my hands in front of my mouth and say "Is this real" ha ha
At least for me I had often thought about what my reaction would be to someone asking me to marry them and I was always a little scared of it. I knew that I wouldn't cry because I am not really like that but I just couldn't picture it happening. Apparently, I don't believe it and laugh a little.
Jordan Says some more nice things about loving me that I don't remember and I say "Yes" He tried to put the ring on but it wouldn't fit over my knuckle until I licked it.
When we were leaving he told me that we had reservations at a really nice restaurant
and at that point I regretted not washing my hair, But Jordan was nice enough to push the reservation back a little so I could go home and shower again.
I wore the ring around Saturday and Sunday and because it was so tight over my knuckle my finger was really swollen so Monday we went and got it re sized just barely from a 4.5 to a 4.75. Big difference.

Well that's it. That's how it happened. I love him so much and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him

First Picture together.

Byu Basketball game

Valentines Day

Trip to the Logan Temple. This is where I want to get married

Double date with Heather and Gavin, who actually just got engaged yesterday

Giants Spring Training game in Arizona. Jordan is pretty much obsessed with them

Long Boarding down the canyon

on our trip to Vegas for me to meet his parents, I love Arizona!!

Battle Creek Falls

My Beautiful ring!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love Is In The Air

So one of my best friends tied the knot recently and I was able to take a trip down to Arizona with my boyfriend to celebrate that with her. Savanna and I have known each other since I was 14 years old. Thats a long time. We were in shows together and took trips together. And everytime it was an adventure with her. I sometimes think that we didn't spend that much time together but when I really think about it I realize that it we have been in each others lives a lot. I love this girl and all that she has taught me. She is crazy and random but who doesnt need a little of that in their lives. She is also so caring and thoughtful and always willing to serve another. She is the greatest and I have been so blessed to have her in my life. So congrats to her on this new stage in life!!

Her bachelorette party. We made play doe penis'. Who wouldnt love that. Of course she would get the black one right. Ha

The bride and her maids. She has a lot more also but these were the friend ones.

Jordan and I at the Mesa Temple. I love this man. He's the best.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Katie told me its time for an update on my blog, so here I am.
I haven't blogged for almost 2 months. What's happened...

Midnight showing of Footloose! Yes we made those shirts special for the movie. Probably the movie we were looking forward to all year! I loved it! I want to watch it again right now... well honestly all the time.

Halloween! The girls and I went to a party and had a great time. Gosh I love dancing... with my girls, its weird dancing with guys. We were all disney characters and I wore this outfit to work on Halloween. Fortunately I kept part of my high school uniform.

My Birthday!! Well I have officially started into the years of unexciting birthdays... not the birthdays particularly but the age. When you are 16 you get to drive, 18 you get to vote, 21 you are officially an adult, ect... 22 there is nothing exciting about that age, nothing really changes. But nonetheless, I had a wonderful birthday. My roommate Randi, made me a fantastic zebra birthday cake. She is so talented!

In November I got to go to California with the Brousseau's. It was a blast! They got us all the City Pass. It included a 3day park hopper to California Adventure and Disneyland, and a day at sea world, the san diego zoo, and Universal Studios. My favorite had to be Universal Studios. I don't know if I was just old when I first went to Disneyland, or because I have only been with kids, or maybe I am just heartless, but I have never been that impressed with Disneyland. The shows there were magical though. I love that during the holidays they have it "snow" during the fireworks.

And lastly, I started dating someone. This is Jordan. I finally trapped someone into being with me haha. Really though I am so lucky, he treats me so well. We met in October and talked and hung out pretty consistently during November. He's really funny, I love talking to him, and he is a good listener, I feel bad sometimes because I am used to having to repeat pretty much everything I say to guys at least 3 times, and he remembers everything so sometimes I tell him things more than once. Oh well. Anyway, usually I am pretty excited to be with him but sometimes I get a little anxiety, probably because I haven't dated someone in years. We'll see how it goes.

Anyways, that's pretty much all that has been going on, I am excited to come home for christmas and see all of you! Love you!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sorry Everyone

I've just realized that there have been several odd comments on recent posts and I would just like to apologize about me complaining about dating in the last few posts. So I would like to take this opportunity to share the good things about my life.

I have a wonderful family that cares for me and is always there to listen, give wonderful advice and just chat to catch up.
I have 2 fantastic roommates that I love hanging out with.
I have the opportunity to take piano lessons again and work on a potential talent.
I have skills that I am able to use almost daily to serve those around me such as hair cutting and sewing.
I have 2 jobs that keep me busy but are great because I am able to support myself.
My car works and does not give me any problems
I have the gospel in my life and I know the happiness that comes from living the standards set forth from the church.
I have 4 children (nannying) that remind me to be better always (like wear my seatbelt)
I have plenty of opportunities to serve those around me
I can afford the food that I like to eat.
My sisters taught me how to cook.
Being able to take dance.
Going to institute.
Having a temple so close to me
living in the gorgeous apt that i do.
having money to play a little (Footloose on friday! WOOHOO)

Anyways the list could go on and on because I am so blessed. While I am sorry for complaining. I am not sorry for the way that I feel. It's frustrating to see all my friends getting married or having babies and feel a little alone in that aspect. I know that I should enjoy my single life and trust me I take advantage of that all the time but a deeper more meaningful relationship would be better over that anyday. That is all :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

and the good times roll on,

A conversation I had at work tonight with my Manager Tyler:
Me "Why aren't there any guys that want to date me?"
Tyler "Cuz guys are dumb"
Me "I take it back. I could find a guy to date, the problem is I am so dang picky"
Tyler "That's cuz you are a girl"


I see all my friends go through boyfriend after boyfriend and I think why can't I have that. But then I realize that I could. If i really wanted a boyfriend then I would just date any guy that came along. It wouldn't be a big deal. But I am not looking for just any relationship. I am looking for something serious and lasting. One that could potentially progress into something more. And I guess those are hard to find.. OR I am too picky.